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Below is a list of materials which formed the basis for the documentary, foremost among these is Nicholas Shaxson’s “Treasure Islands”.

Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World, by Nicholas Shaxson.

Tax havens are the most important single reason why poor people and poor countries stay poor. They lie at the very heart of the global economy, with over half the world trade processed through them. They have been instrumental in nearly every major economic event, in every big financial scandal, and in every financial crisis since the 1970s, including the latest global economic downturn.

In Treasure Islands, Nicholas Shaxson shows how this happened, and what this means for you.

The Greatest Invention: Tax and the Campaign for a Just Society, Various Authors.

A collection of essays about tax justice by the Tax Justice Network.

The Finance Curse: How Oversized Financial Sectors Attack Democracy and Corrupt Economics, by Nicholas Shaxson & John Christensen.

For many years economists have noted how countries rich in natural resources often fail to benefit from their unearned wealth. Indeed, sometimes the discovery of oil and gas can seem more like a curse than a blessing.

The Finance Curse shows how countries with oversized financial sectors can suffer a similar fate. The easy money that comes from finance carries hidden costs, in form of steepening inequality, political and intellectual corruption, industrial stagnation and periodic crisis and collapse.

British Imperialism 1688 – 2015, by P.J. Cain and A.G. Hopkins.

A milestone in the understanding of British history and imperialism, this ground-breaking book radically reinterprets the course of modern economic development and the causes of overseas expansion during the past three centuries. Employing their concept of ‘gentlemanly capitalism’, the authors draw imperial and domestic British history together to show how the shape of the nation and its economy depended on international and imperial ties, and how these ties were undone to produce the post-colonial world of today.

The Great Tax Robbery: How Britain Became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business, by Richard Brooks.

Investigative journalist and former tax-inspector Richard Brooks charts how the UK has become a global tax haven that serves the super wealthy, all with the Government’s help.

Finance Capitalism and its Discontents: by Michael Hudson.

This book contains the most important interviews and speeches that Prof. Hudson has given over the past decade (2003-2012). They span the political spectrum from COUNTERPUNCH.COM and KPFK radio’s GUNS AND BUTTER to to iTULIP.COM and SANKT GEORGE in Berlin. It also includes his now-famous Rimini, Italy, speeches that were given at a packed sports arena in early 2012 on the topic of how finance capitalism is pushing the world, starting with Europe, into austerity and neo-feudalism.

The Pin-Stripe Mafia: How Accountancy Firms Destroy Societies, by Austin Mitchell & Prem Sikka.

Takes the lid off the corrupt practices of major accountancy firms that are impoverishing nations, undermining governments and condemning millions of people to misery.

Britain’s Second Empire by Ronen Palan & Jamie Stern-Weiner.

Why, in the era of Wall Street hegemony, do close to half of global financial transactions still flow through territories linked to Britain? New Left Project’s Jamie Stern-Weiner spoke to Ronen Palan, Professor of International Political Economy at City University London and co-author of Tax Havens: How Globalisation Really Works, to find out.

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