Review by Descadent Deb (The British Blacklist Reviews)

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire is Michael Oswald’s newest revelatory feature documentary – one which is as important to Britain as Ava Du Vernay’s 13th (2016) is to Americans. Both place national history into a disturbing modern context! It parallels Du Vernay’s deduction that in giving up overt slavery, American elites subverted the 13th Constitution of the United States to utilise the judicial system to funnel unpaid prison inmate labour into the business sector, thereby subsidising rising production costs and preserve the  lost profits. It also restricted the power of white society’s ‘unwanted elements’ through incarceration.

(Link below includes the rest of the review and a Q&A, not a very positive review, but then the review is based on a comparison to a documentary with an estimated $1 million budget made by industry insiders…..)